Guardianship Of Minors

The Law Office of Layla Summers in Culver City is dedicated to guiding families in the West Los Angeles area through tough times. In her practice as a family law attorney, she aims to bring understanding and compassion to situations where a child's parents can no longer care for them, assisting with the process of establishing a guardianship when necessary.

When Is A Guardianship Appropriate?

If placing children in the custody of either parent would cause them harm, a court may grant custody to a third party if it is in the best interests of the child. This may happen if the child's parents:

  • Die, become seriously ill or are otherwise incapacitated
  • Are serving jail time
  • Have problems with drugs or alcohol
  • Are abusive

Essentially, a guardianship is appropriate when a parental incapacity is a concern. Guardianship of a minor ends when the child turns 18.

What Kind Of Relationship Is Created With A Legal Guardian?

A guardian is someone other than a child's parent who either takes on custody of the child or manages their estate. They have the same responsibilities a parent would — a guardian is expected to provide food and shelter, medical care, education and any special needs.

Guardianship of a child is different from an adoption because the child's parents retain their parental rights and can request contact with the child. A guardianship may be granted to a child's grandparents or another relative, a friend of the family or anyone else found to be suitable by the court. Many California courts prefer to choose a guardian who has ties to the child and their family to make the transition easier for the child.

Providing Answers When They're Needed Most

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