Using The Hague Convention To Bring Your Children Home

The Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction, often referred to as the Hague Abduction Convention or just the Hague Convention, is thankfully something that most people don't know much about. But for some families, it becomes very important. Among other things, the Hague Convention lays out measures for returning children who were abducted and taken to another country, as long as both countries are part of the treaty. This includes parental abduction, which is what most often comes up in the family law context.

I have had the opportunity in my practice to represent parents dealing with these complex issues. In cases like these, prevention is key. Where there is a potential for parental abduction, I work swiftly to take the necessary steps to try to prevent this unfortunate event from happening. Where an abduction does take place, I guide parents and assist them in dealing with the authorities and third parties who are instrumental in returning children home.

Unfortunately, not all countries are part of the Hague treaty. Many African and some Asian countries, for instance, are not part of the treaty. In these cases, there may be no guarantee in bringing your children home. This is where prevention efforts are so key.

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