Child Custody

For most parents, the bond with their children is one of the most important relationships in their lives. The idea of losing time with children because of a separation or divorce, understandably, worries parents thinking of ending their relationship with their partner.

In her family law practice, attorney Layla Summers strives to explain California law and policies so that clients have a better understanding of their options for child custody. She understands that every case, like every family, is unique. There is no "standard" approach to family law — every client needs and deserves a tailored strategy for resolving issues within their family.

With over 10 years of experience in family law, the Law Office of Layla Summers assists Los Angeles parents navigate the processes of:

  • Establishing parenting time
  • Negotiating child visitation
  • Advocating for parents' rights
  • Creating a plan for shared custody

A Therapeutic Approach To Family Law

Layla Summers understands that if someone is seeking the advice of a family lawyer, they are likely going through a tough time. She focuses on listening, drawing on her experience as a counselor for survivors of domestic violence, to come up with solutions that will help her clients move forward. The details of every case are important, and Layla Summers is ready to listen.

If you are concerned about custody issues in your divorce, want to modify a current custody order or need advice on cooperating with your ex, speaking with an experienced attorney can make all the difference. Call the firm's offices in Culver City at 310-874-4088 to schedule a consultation, or send a message using our online form.